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: You choose the card that best fits your cause or we can custom design the cards with your logo, pictures and colors FREE. All of our cards have 50 scratch off areas. Your members contact friends, family and neighbors asking them to scratch off one or two spots. The amount that people can donate ranges from $.50 to $3.00. Each card produces $100 in donations - YOUR PROFIT IS UP TO $95 PER CARD depending on the card that you choose. (this week we are donating 5 Free Cards for every 20 you buy which will earn you up to 100% Profit!

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We Guarantee that Scratch & Give Fundraising Cards are the lowest price and the highest profit of ANY scratch off fundraiser.

Keep the profits that your group deserves!  DON'T PAY $20.00 and be overcharged!  Buy direct from the manufacturer! Two great programs to choose from:  $5.00 Basic Cards or $10.00 Deluxe Booklets which includes coupons and offers valued at up to $1000 Download Order Form   
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Here are just a few Testimonials: 
-Last year was our first time to do this kind of fundraiser.  The kids said that no one turned them down when asked if they would help us with the fundraiser, and said that some people scratched more than one star.  I had people approach me and tell me they would rather do a scratch off than have to order something.  For us, the troop, it is easier than having to go and get orders and then have to go and deliver.  We have decided that this is something we will do every year. Thank you,
-Troop 628 (Boy Scouts)

 The Brooklyn "Steppers" Marching Band is currently ranked the #1 Showstyle Marching Band and the Country. The band travels to over 75 venues each year and is New York Cities most sought after marching band. Travel expense are very costly and the "Steppers" have found that scratch cards are the most effective way for members to help off set those cost, to date the "Steppers" have raised over $40,000 with scratch cards. We have traveled from NY to California, Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia and many other states. The "Steppers" have made appearances on the Montell Williams Show, Good Morning America and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. We plan on using scratch cards for many years to come, thank you Promo Printing for supplying the most inexpensive and still effective scratch card on the market. - Tyrone Brown, Band Director

Everything worked out according to plan and I received the cards already, you all are awesome.  I am already impressed with the pricing and service, THIS IS OUR SECOND YEAR DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU ALL, I will be sold for life and will be doing free advertising for you.  Thanks for time and our team appreciates you all.
-Kerm ,Head Coach, Tar Heels Baseball Club


 The scratch off fundraiser cards have been a blessing for Ordered Steps Daycare.  The first morning I passed out the cards, my parents came back that evening saying how much fun everyone at their jobs had scratching off the spots!  They competed with each other trying to get the lowest dollar amount, what a blast!  I have not received my completed cards back yet, but I expect 500% return on this investment.  I have parents going on spring break who will be asking family for their support.  I am very pleased with promo printing group.  Thanks for a great fundraiser.
-L. Sellars, Ordered Steps Daycare

I wanted to write to let you know how wonderful the donation cards have worked for our group CASA.They really are a good quick way to collect donations for nonprofit organizations.   We ordered 20 cards to see how effective they would be as a fundraiser.  We received four free cards and it is the easiest $2400 that we have raised.  We are anxious to receive our next order.  Thanks again for your help with this.  You were a great help and there were no hidden cost involved.   People loved to receive the coupons for their donations.  Thanks again for your help.
-Mary Ginnan, Special Events Committee

Four weeks ago our church was looking into coming up with a church fundraiser where we really didn't have to sell anything. Our Youth group did scratch offs before and we made a lot of money, so I gave the idea to my Pastor. He put me in charge of getting everything together. I couldn't remember the company that I used before, so I did a search on scratch off fundraisers and Promo Printing Group came up. And after a little research I decided to go with you guys. The cards were cheaper$10.00 cheaper than the first company that I used, and Promo Printing offered excellent deals on the more cards you order and then they also give you free ones. I
though this was great, especially for what we were doing. We ordered 100 cards and received 20 free which will give us a profit of $11,575.00 for and we spent $425.00. Our fundraiser is going just fine. We have reached $5,000.00. We were doing half of the cards now and half at a later date. I would just like to say thanks. And Connie you were really nice and helpful. That's why I recommended my son's 8th grade class to use Promo Printing Group.
Thanks, Jamie

I am the fundraising coordinator with the Rhode Island Young Marines, we have tried so many other fundraisers before turning to your scratch-cards, I only wish we had done it sooner!! We lost so much money in the past with fundraisers because we had to make such large initial investments; with the scratch-cards we make a minimal investment. We reward each child who completes a card with a trip at the end of the promotion; and they are so motivated that 2 weeks later we have had to order twice as many. I can't even imagine how many cars we would have to wash, or candy bars we would have to sell to raise the funds that we have raised so far!! Thank you so much for all your great customer service and fast shipping!!
-Fundraising Coordinator, RI Young Marines

We used the scratcher fundraising cards last year to earn money for wrestling camp.  They worked great.  We took our 3 children out 3 nights a week and on the week-ends for a month and we were able to pay for the camps completely.  We found that most times when people scratched off an amount they would usually round up or say that's not enough and give us more.  Sometimes they would just opt to make a donation and not scratch, so you make quite a bit more than $95 on each card.  We were very happy with our results, and have ordered more cards for this year.
- Teresa Beltz       

I am the Director and choreographer for GEM City Dance Company, this is our third time ordering from your company and it has been a true success!  Our parents have raised more money then what is scratched off on the card!  We are placing another order this week and more next week.  We are raising money to do to Urban Jamm NATIONAL Dance Competition in Hollywood, Ca. this June and we are very excited.  Thank you for having such an affordable fundraiser! -
Sincerely, Lori Keith,
GEM City Dance Co. 

I just wanted you to know how well the scratch card worked.  Well for the passed few years we have used raffle tickets and everyone complained they couldn't keep track of the people who bought them and that they were too hard to sell.  So we tried the cards and everyone says how easy they are to use for fundraising.  The cards cost us less then $800.00 and we made over $19000.00.  This has been the best fundraiser ever for our league.  They have gone over so well, that we had to put in another order.  We will be using these scratch cards for the years to come.  Thank you Promo Printing Group!!-
Sincerely, Burbank National Little League

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