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Don't be overcharged for fundraising promotions!  Keep the profits that your organization deserves! 

Local Merchant Thank You Certificates
It is very easy to get just one good local restaurant or business to sponsor your fundraiser. We provide you with a Local Merchant Agreement and Local Merchant Thank You Certificate for free when you request your Free Samples. You don't need a bunch of coupons that people may not use, just one good special offer on a Thank You Certificate will do the trick! Download Order Form

How It Works: 
Bring your sample card along with the Local Merchant Agreement and Local Merchant Thank You Certificate and ask for the owner or manager of the store.

2) Explain who you are and why you are raising money. Show them the fundraising scratch off card and ask him/her to sponsor your organization by providing a very special offer to all those who have made a donation. (Since the local merchant is not charged for his or her participation and receives FREE advertising through your fundraiser, almost anyone would be glad to give you a special offer)  Sample Offers:  Buy One Dinner-Get One Fee, Free Appetizer, Free Desert, Buy One Entree-Get One 1/2 Price, 20% Off. Try and get the best possible offer from the local merchant.

3) Fill out the Local Merchant Agreement and the Local Merchant Thank You Certificate with their offer. The merchant can determined the expiration date and any special restrictions to their offer. 

Take the completed Local Merchant Thank You Certificate to a local copy shop and have them make you copies of this certificate. Please use nice paper and have them cut it to size for you.  There are 4 certificates on each sheet. You will need to print at least 13 sheets for each card that you order.  At an average cost of .05 per sheet it will cost you only .65 cents per card to have your own Local Merchant Thank You Certificate!

Don't pay up to $20.00 per card when you can buy our cards  for only $10.00 and create your own powerful promotion for 1/2 of the cost. Keep the profits that your organization deserves! 

Any questions, just call us toll free at 1-866-831-9902 or email us at info@promoprintinggroup.com

There are three ways to pays with NO Money Down.
A purchase order from a Public School or State Run organizations billed net 30 days.
Prepay with Visa, MC, Amex, Discover Cards, Check by Fax, Check By Phone or a personal check and receive FREE CARDS!
Send us a post dated check for 15 days and we process your order and ship your cards.
Call us Toll Free 1- 866-831-9902 to place your order.

Highest Quality & Guaranteed Lowest Prices In the Industry! 

Call Mon-Friday 8:00am - 6:30pm EST.
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